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Service Sites

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For the 2017 Day of Service, participants chose from the following service sites:

Dragon Organics

Gardening: Volunteers will perform farm activities on the 10 acre farm including weeding, cultivating, and picking strawberries if they are ripe. The farm is on the property of San Pasqual Academy and the produce grown is provided to the resident foster youth. Maximum volunteer count: 90

Seed to Preschool Farm 

Gardening: Volunteers will work with the farm manager to prepare the gardens for the next planting. This involves working the soil, digging out Bermuda grass, prepping the garden beds and laying mulch. All the produce grown in these gardens is provided to their subsidized preschools. Maximum volunteer count: 50


Gleaning: Participants will be picking citrus from a residential orchard in North San Diego County and Produce Good will deliver the fruit to the food insecure of the county. Maximum volunteer count: 25

Ivey Ranch Park Association 

Beautification and Landscape Restoration: Volunteers will paint the daycare bathrooms and paint daycare cubbies; pull up old plants and plant ice plant, aloe, and other succulents; put down mulch and rocks in garden areas ; paint ground poles and horse jumps; put down edging for a small pathway; weeding. Maximum volunteer count: 25

The Escondido Creek Conservancy 

Habitat Restoration: The Escondido Creek Conservancy (TECC ) is re-establishing native habitat along Escondido Creek in Harmony Grove. The goal of this service project is to remove non-native plants (i.e., weeds) to allow the native plants to thrive. Participants will assist by hand pulling weeds, mostly mustard, and carrying them to a truck for offsite disposal. Maximum volunteer count: 25

Patio Playhouse 

Organizing Warehouse: Patio Playhouse has a privately-run theater warehouse which is used to store materials for set building, props, set pieces, costumes, and many other things of use to the theater. This space requires some much-needed love in the form of cleaning, refreshing, organizing, and repurposing alongside our volunteer annex committee members. Maximum volunteer count: 20

Mottino YMCA 

Activity Pool Resurfacing: Volunteers will repaint the activity pool structure, including taping down tarps on the bottom of the pool, priming before the paint job and then painting the structure in sections. There will also be an opportunity to paint the stairs to the slide and wax the slide. Maximum volunteer count: 15

On-site at CSUSM Main Campus:

Ethnobotany Garden 

Gardening: Volunteers will first learn about the ethnobotany garden;  how it came to fruition, the community engagement efforts (e.g. Universidad Popular collaboration), the different dedicated areas, and connections to courses on campus.  Volunteers will then work on a couple different projects:  1) volunteers will weed out a section of non-native plants that currently have over grown a certain area, 2) re-develop walk ways through the garden, 3) pull plants that have not survived, 4) help replace signage of plants, 5) re-woodchip areas along the pathways that need to be re-covered. Maximum volunteer count: 30

Sustainable Food Project Garden 

Gardening: Volunteers will first learn about the garden and how it connects students to coursework as well as gives students the opportunity to grow fruits and veggies, which then they can take home to make healthy, organic meals.  Volunteers will then work on a couple different projects:  1) volunteers will weed out sections of the garden, 2) Linseed Oil benches that are used during class (linseed seals the benches and helps protect from the elements),  3) Spread wood chips in a few areas that need coverage, 4) Build an Owl Box. Maximum volunteer count: 20

CSUSM at Temecula Service Sites (Meet at Temecula campus!):

Harvest Hill STEAM Academy

Gardening: Volunteers will be helping to construct portable garden boxes. Students have used design thinking and designed boxes for the students at Harvest Hill to use to grow a vegetable garden. Maximum volunteer count: 20