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The California JusticeCorps program began in Los Angeles in 2004. JusticeCorps members are recruited from participating University of California and California State Universities. JusticeCorps offers a unique approach to addressing one of the most pressing issues faced by courts around the country today; providing equal access to justice. JusticeCorps also aims to increase language access to self-represented litigants, provide members with unique learning opportunities, and promote diversity among court personnel.

For more information, visit the California Justice Corps Website. Please contact Amoreena Urbeck if you would like to apply.

The San Diego Student Member Application (300 hours) and the full-time position which is called the San Diego Fellow Application (1700 hours and BA required) can both be accessed by applicants creating an account at the application website.

San Diego JusticeCorps Program Internship

Contact information

Daisy Castro
CSUSM JusticeCorps University Representative
(Spring 2018)


Prof. Richelle Swan
CSUSM JusticeCorps Faculty Liaison
Department of Sociology


Amoreena Urbeck
San Diego JusticeCorps Director
(619) 844-2329