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Fran Aleshire Leadership Award

Fran Aleshire PictureIn 1986, Dr. Fran Aleshire had a vision of creating a strong network of community leaders who would continually improve the region in which they live and work. By leveraging their existing leadership knowledge, she believed these leaders could learn the nuances of navigating through the municipal, corporate and non-profit systems and, with this new information, transform the future of the region.

As such, Dr. Aleshire designed a program – Leadership 2000, which eventually became Leadership North County – that would highlight the existing infrastructure and address the current issues facing the region all while simultaneously introducing the participants to the different geographic areas of North County San Diego.

The Fran Aleshire Leadership Award recognizes an outstanding regional leader in North San Diego County who reflects the spirit and character of the late Dr. Fran Aleshire. 

Past Recipients of the Fran Aleshire Leadership Award:

2015 - Kevin Holt

2014 - Brenda Hall

2013- Raye Clendening

2012- Donald Stump

2011- Gina McBride

2010- Becky Cole Garrett

2009- Julie Wright

2008- Jim Desmond

2007- Major General Marc Moore

2006- Lori Holt Pfeiler

2005- Ramona Finnila