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Courses held Mondays and Wednesdays from 6-9pm on the CSUSM Temecula campus and other local wedding sites (see course registration).

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Wedding Industry & Social Media

4/16/18 & 4/18/18

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Career Development, Contracts & Liability 

4/23/18 & 4/25/18

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Culture, Traditions & Project Management

4/30/18 & 5/2/18

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Site Selection & Destination Weddings

5/7/18 & 5/9/18

Course Registration

Food, Beverage, & Entertainment

5/14/18 & 5/16/18

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Design, Decor & Rentals

5/21/18 & 5/23/18

Course Registration

Photography & Videography

6/4/18 & 6/6/18

Course Registration

Lights, Camera, Action!

6/11/18 & 6/13/18

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Project Porfolio Presentations

6/18/18 & 6/20/18

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Entire certificate $1521*, or individual courses $169* each
*Includes course materials.
*CSUSM alumni & students receive a 15% savings. Call to register and receive your savings!
*WIOA and MyCAA funding approved

Wedding Industry & Social Media

Industry Overview: This introductory class will look at this exciting industry’s past, present and future growth. You will learn about the different types of wedding planners and the services they provide as well as the key skills successful planners need to have. Begin to explore how your own unique skills and interests can differentiate you from other planners.

Branding your Professional Image: Learn the key communication skills that you absolutely must have to successfully work with your clients and vendors. Explore how social media, branding and marketing are key to distinguishing you as a preferred planner of choice and begin designing your own “brand”.  Instructor:  Gerald Nielsen

Traditions & Project Management Essentials

Culture & Traditions: Discuss how today’s couples are diverse in almost every way imaginable and no two weddings will have the same expectations. Learn some of the obvious and not so obvious traditions and requests that your clients will ask for.

Project Management, Budgeting & Insurance: Details, timelines and deliverables don’t identify and manage themselves and one missed step or expense can be the difference between your client having the wedding of their dreams or a day filled with additional anxiety. This class will cover the schedules, budget expectations and insurances you need to discuss and determine, before you begin planning. 

Contracts & Career Development

Contracts & Liability: Learn why every contract is different and the negotiation skills needed for each. Identify what can be negotiated and not only understand the legal jargon but how to write your own clauses if needed. Insurance options will vary depending upon your vendor and client. Learn what you need to have in place to protect both you and your clients. Instructor:  Sandra Chong

Career Development: Whether this is a new career choice or you are an established planner, analyzing your skills and defining your career goals will be key to your success. You will learn why your professional image is not only related to your appearance but how your resume, social media presence, interviewing skills and networking ability are all key to your success as a planner of choice.  

Wedding Venues

Site Selection: The wedding venue and location are two major considerations in which a planner’s knowledge will be key to ensuring that all guests can be accommodated while staying within the clients’ budget. Learn why a SWOT analysis is key to pre-qualifying and selecting the appropriate venue.

Destination Weddings: Learn how to transform unique venues into appropriate offsite locations. 

Food, Beverage & Entertainment

Food & Beverage: Discuss the different methods of working with onsite catering staff and external caterers as well as how to help select the most appropriate menu and beverage selections to match your guests’ dietary needs. Instructor: Rachel Rola, As You Like it Catering

Entertainment: Learn how to source the best entertainment options including music, sound, lighting and much more based upon your client’s budget, venue and expectations.

Design & Decor

Working with Rental Companies: This class will cover the nuances of selecting and working with onsite venue staff or rental companies to create a magical space for your event. Learn the hidden costs and details of decorating interior and exterior spaces, offsite venue logistics including permitting and weather considerations and how color and overall themes are incorporated and selected. Instructors:  Gloria Gomez, Allie's Party Rentals

Florals and Design: Explore the importance of how the selection of florals has a significant impact on both your clients’ budget and overall event look and feel.  Learn how to locate and source flowers as well as how to work with a florist to design the look your clients are seeking that fits within their budget.  

Photography & Videography

Preserving your special day for years to come (or sharing instantly with those who cannot attend) is as important as creating the details of the day. Technology and social platforms used to capture and share these images are continuously changing. Learn how to select the best supplier and package to accommodate your clients’ expectations and budget. 

Lights, Camera, Action!

Learn how to bring the planning to action! This class will be an interactive roll playing format to provide you with the realistic challenges that a wedding planner deals with starting with how to run a rehearsal dinner to handling any wedding day glitches.

Project Portfolio Presentations

Showcase your classroom learnings by presenting your program wedding projects and portfolios.

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