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First Year Requirements

Academic Writing & the EPT Requirement

Written communication is a critical component to the academic community.  Much of the communication amongst scholars occurs through writing.  One of the most important characteristics of written communication is that once one communicates with written words, the words cannot be taken back.  The benefit of body language and voice inflections to create context and help the recipient of the communication understand what is being communicated is also absent. Therefore, it is crucial for one to develop one’s writing skills to the extent that one can communicate effectively and clearly get one’s point across with written words.  The ability to communicate with written words is critical to one’s success, not only in the classroom, but also in day-to-day interpersonal relationships as well as the professional world.  As an effective writer, one has the ability to avoid ambiguity, confusion, and misunderstanding when communicating with others.  The writing requirements of the first-year at California State University San Marcos are intended to help students develop their written communication skills and be effective writers.  All first-year students at Caifornia State University San Marcos are required to demonstrate proficiency in written communication by clearing the EPT requirement. 

Quantitative Reasoning & the ELM Requirement

Quantitative literacy is another skill that is critical to one’s functioning within society in both individual and social contexts.  From managing one’s personal finances to discerning the happenings in one’s local community, state, and nation, quantitative literacy allows the individual to achieve a higher level of understanding providing for independent thinking, reasoning, and functioning.  In an age where numbers are used to determine credit, present happenings in the economy, and explain various social phenomena, quantitative literacy can allow one to make well-informed major-life decisions and provide the ability to develop one’s own conclusions when presented with information.  It is for these reasons that Cal State San Marcos requires all first-year students to achieve entry level proficiency in mathematics by clearing their ELM requirement.

First-Year Student Alcohol Education Requirement

As part of our campus wellness education efforts, Cal State San Marcos requires all of our incoming first-year students to complete – an online alcohol education and prevention program.   Whether you drink or not, will help you to make effective decisions about alcohol and help you better cope with drinking behaviors of your fellow students, friends or family. Cal State San Marcos is committed to the wellness and success of our students, and we are confident your participation in the program will be helpful to you as you begin your first year at our university.

Immunization Requirements

For all NEW CSUSM students, California State University of higher education
system has mandated that new students born after January 1, 1957 must
demonstrate proof of
full immunization to measles and rubella.

Students have one semester to comply or they will not be permitted to register for a second semester. Registration holds are placed if proof of immunization has not been submitted to SHCS prior to priority registration date. 

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