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What is the Student Philanthropy Council?

Formerly known at CSUSM as the Senior Class Gift Campaign, the Student Philanthropy Council is a student committee dedicated to growing the culture of giving on campus and raising money for the Student Philanthropy Fund.  Colleges and Universities across the country have long histories of students giving back to the campus they love prior to graduating. Now it is your time to make a difference for the Cougars of today and tomorrow. By making a Student Philanthropy Fund gift of ANY size, you WILL make an impact.  Funds are designated to the Endowed Student Scholarship this committee established in 2013.

Results Last Year

We reached AND exceeded our goal during the 2013-14 academic year.  THANK YOU!  The endowed student scholarship grew by $11,734 thanks to last year's effort.  A special thanks to the 208 donors who contributed.  Thank you for leaving your mark at CSUSM. 

Why should I give?

  • Student Philanthropy Fund gifts will create more scholarships for CSUSM students.
  • An anonymous donor has challenged us to raise $5,000, which will be matched dollar for dollar, doubling the impact of your gift.
  • To be listed in the Commencement Program (and on this website) as a donor to the Student Philanthropy Fund!
  • Others gave before you, the reason many programs, scholarships, and other opportunities at CSUSM exist.
  • 73% of CSUSM students each year receive financial aid to support their education.  You WILL make a difference for the Cougars of today and tomorrow.
  • To create an environment of giving back.
  • To help boost CSUSM's national rankings and value of your degree. Senior giving counts toward alumni giving, which is considered when schools are ranked.

How much should I give?

We suggest a gift of $20.15 in honor of the Class of 2015.  Many give more.  Some give less.  But it's your choice!  EVERY gift, no matter the size, makes an impact.

How do I give?

Contact a committee member!

Daniel Albizures

Katie Boggs (Chair and CSUSM Foundation Board Student Representative)

Sean Briner (Advisor)
Associate Director for Development and Annual Giving
University Advancement or 760-750-4404

Alan Brown

Alex Carrati

Alexa Diaz

Sean Heller

Savanah McPhillips

Haley Perko (ASI President)

Dmitri Ranieri

Thank You!

The Student Philanthropy Council thanks the following donors for supporting the 2014-15 Student Philanthropy Fund!

  • Kevin Acciani
  • Taylor Aiona
  • Tricia Alcid
  • Louis Alonzo
  • Leslie Ann Alteza
  • Kristina Andreotti
  • Anonymous
  • Omar Arellano
  • Esteban Bagdy
  • Eleidy Bailon
  • Judy Baldassini
  • Josh Barnes
  • Genevieve Baskiel
  • Cathy Baur
  • Lewis Beesley
  • Justin Ray Beloy
  • Elizabeth Bernier
  • Jamie Bennett
  • Ashley Blakemore
  • Katie Boggs
  • Courtnie Bonett
  • Celeste Bosio
  • Kimberly Boyarsky-Burns
  • Sean Briner
  • Alan Brown
  • Gregory Brown
  • La Sean Brown
  • Jennifer Buchanan
  • Alex Caratti
  • Charlotte Carpentier
  • Justina Carranza
  • Jennifer Carroll
  • Yolanda Catano
  • Kaitlyn Chermak
  • Fernando Chimely
  • Zuzan Chudicek
  • Ashley Cicero
  • Aida Cooper
  • Jessica Cordova
  • Michelle Cruz
  • Kimberly Cucinella
  • Alexa Davis
  • Alexa Diaz
  • Patty Diaz
  • Alexandra Dietz
  • Ryan DiPiero
  • Jessica Dominguez
  • Maritza Dominguez
  • Yanan Dong
  • Ingrid Douglas
  • Ryan Downs
  • Anthony Duval
  • Elicea Ellis
  • Aixa Escobar
  • Kimberly Everett
  • Emma Fairchild
  • Marlon Fernandez
  • Ezekiel Fernando
  • Amber Fielding
  • Allison Flores
  • Caroline Floto
  • Kelly Ford
  • Julia Forster
  • Cassandra Fowler
  • Kimberly Fuentes
  • Heidi Garcia
  • Natalia Garcia
  • Andrew Garczewski
  • Emilie Gernandt
  • Alex Gold ('13)
  • Veronica Gomez
  • Eddie Gonzalez
  • Brett Goudy
  • Margielyn Graff
  • Jennie Grunstad
  • Zoe Harris
  • Samuel Harrison
  • Linda Hawk
  • President Karen Haynes and First Gentleman Jim Mickelson
  • Larrisa Henry
  • Sean Heller
  • Ceresa Hernandez
  • Israel Hernandez
  • Ashley Hiller
  • Teresa Ann Hodges
  • Jacklynn Horton
  • Evan Hrabovsky
  • Angelica Jacobo
  • Jillian Kantouth
  • Ryan Kasperbauer
  • Kristy Kay
  • Gregory Kellogg
  • Rebecca Kellogg
  • Jasmine King
  • Aaron Knopp
  • Cheryl LaBelle
  • Cora LaLone
  • Marco Lemus ('12)
  • Yolanda Leyva
  • Rebecca Little
  • Aimee Lora
  • Veronica Macias
  • Amira Manderson-Salen
  • Eddie Martinez
  • Ernestina Martinez
  • Angelina Mata-Villa
  • Ryan May
  • Desirae Mayes
  • Tyler McElrath
  • Angela Mederos
  • Romario Mendoza
  • Melissa Michaelson
  • Matt Miller
  • Sara Milne
  • Trevor Molina
  • Derek Montecinos
  • Jamie Morales
  • Julia Morris
  • Dina Nasry
  • Lena Nguyen
  • Linda Nieto
  • Alec Noriega
  • Maria Nunez
  • Yasmin Olivarez Padilla
  • Katie O'Reilly
  • Claudia Oreegal
  • Saul Oros
  • Lindsey Owens
  • Ashlee Peace
  • Aaron Peinado
  • Jaclyn Perez
  • Haley Perko
  • William Hoang Phan
  • Elizabeth Porter
  • Carmina Prudencio
  • Cassandra Putt
  • Rachel Quam
  • Beatriz Quintero
  • Claudia Quintero
  • Martika Ramirez
  • Dmitri Ranieri
  • Megan Mari Rauch
  • Dana Reedy
  • James Ritter
  • Kaitlyn Rizzo
  • Andres Rodriguez
  • Jonathan Rodriguez
  • Aaron Romanczak
  • Yvette Ruiz
  • Jessie Sainz
  • Guillermo Salgado-Serrano
  • Dulce Sanchez
  • Joseph Sandoval
  • Tanya Sangret
  • Rhonalyn Santos
  • Rachel Schulte
  • Elliott Schultz
  • Madison Silvas
  • Jelina Sonnenberg
  • Anna Liza Soriano
  • Jennifer Spahr
  • Mary Steinhoff
  • Rebekah Studer
  • Monica Stuzynski
  • Zhe Su
  • Alejandro Tamayo
  • Daniel Torres
  • Hector Torres
  • Ofelia Torres ('12)
  • Alexander Towey
  • Stephen Tsui
  • Mohammad Uddi
  • Gary Untied
  • Dora Valencia
  • Mana Valencia-Torres
  • Katherine Valente
  • Mary Venegas Sebastian
  • Ryan Lee Walters
  • Jian Wang
  • Turner Ward
  • Jordan Warner
  • Carmen Wences
  • Amy Young
  • Anna Zakharova
  • Jodi Zalanka
  • Nan Zhang

Past Senior Class Gift Campaign Honor Roll of Donors