You Still Have Time!

If you did not have time to stop by the Senior Class Gift/Alumni Association table at GradFest, there is still time to learn more about how you can help AND benefit from participation.  Below are 9 more opportunities:

  • At Commencement (CoBA and CoEHHS on May 24; CHABSS and CSM on May 25)
  • Our offices at Craven Hall 5308, Monday-Friday from 8:00am-5:00pm
  • Contact a Senior Class Gift Campaign student committee member
  • CapDecorating Party (FREE) Tuesday, April 15 from 6:30-9:00pm in Commons 206.  RSVP by April 10 at
  • Commencement Information Session (CIS) #1 Monday, April 28 from 5:00-6:00pm in ARTS 240 (all CIS events are in ARTS 240)
  • CIS #2 Tuesday, April 29 from 12:00-1:00pm
  • CIS #3 Tuesday, April 29 from 6:00-7:00pm
  • CIS #4 Wednesday, April 30 from 8:00-9:00am
  • CIS #5 Thursday, May 1 from 12:00-1:00pm

GradFest Results and Thank You!

Wow...152 students became first-time CSUSM donors with their Senior Class Gift at Grad Fest, breaking last year's GradFest record.  Thank you so much! 

Check us out at GradFest!

The Senior Class Gift Campaign (SCGC) student committee along with the CSUSM Alumni Association will be at Grad Fest March 18-19 from 10:00-6:00 in the University Student Union ballroom.  Learn about the impact of making a Senior Class Gift and the great membership benefits of the Alumni Association at once place, at one time! 

What is the Senior Class Gift Campaign?

Colleges and Universities across the country have long histories of students giving back to the campus they love prior to graduating. Now it is your time to make a difference for the Cougars of today and tomorrow. By making a Senior Class Gift of ANY size, you WILL make a significant difference in the quality of programs, the lives of students, and the atmosphere on campus!  For example, the 2012 Senior Class Gift Campaign was a success with more gifts made (106) than the first three years of the campaign COMBINED (102)!  Read about the campaign on page 34 of Steps Magazine

Thank CSUSM Day a Success!

The Senior Class Gift Campaign (SCGC) student committee hosted "Thank CSUSM Day" during Homecoming Week's CougarFest.  Students, faculty, and staff stopped by our canopy — 51 thank you cards were written to impactful CSUSM faculty or staff (our committee hand-delivered the cards), more than 150 signed the "Thank CSUSM Day" banner, and 7 people decided to support the 2014 SCGC by making a gift.  Thanks for Leaving YOUR Mark!

2012-13 Goal reached and exceeded!

We reached AND exceeded our goal during the 2012-13 academic year.  THANK YOU!  The Senior Class Gift Campaign raised $11,609 to create new CSUSM student scholarships.  Because we raised more than $10,000 this student scholarship will be endowed, meaning a forever scholarship!  A special thanks to the 277 donors who contributed, shattering last year's record 106 donors.  Thank you for leaving your mark at CSUSM. 

Our Goal and How YOU Can Help

Senior Class Gift Campaign funds raised this year will help us grow the Senior Class Gift Campaign ENDOWED Student Scholarship created last year.  An anonymous donor will match what we raise dollar for dollar up to $5,000.  By reaching that amount, the donor match will result in $10,000 Help us impact Cougar students every year by making a Senior Class Gift!  EVERY gift, regardless of its size, helps us reach that goal and makes an impact.

If you are a current CSUSM student and would like to learn more about serving on this year's SCGC committee, please email Sean Briner in University Advancement at

Why should I give? 

  • Senior Class Gift Campaign funds raised will create more scholarships for CSUSM students.
  • An anonymous donor has challenged us to raise $5,000, which will be matched dollar for dollar.
  • To be listed in the Commencement Program (and on this website) as a donor to the Senior Class Gift Campaign!
  • Others gave before you, the reason many buildings, programs, scholarships, and other opportunities at CSUSM exist.
  • 73% of CSUSM students each year receive financial aid to support their education.  You WILL make a difference for the Cougars of today and tomorrow.
  • To create an environment of giving back.
  • To help boost CSUSM's national rankings and value of your degree. Senior giving counts toward alumni giving, which is considered when schools are ranked.

How much should I give?

We suggest a gift of $20.14 in honor of the Class of 2014, but it's your choice!  EVERY gift, no matter the size, will make an impact.

How do I give?

Contact a committee member!

Katie Boggs (Chair and CSUSM Foundation Board Student Representative)

Sean Briner (Advisor)
Associate Director for Development and Annual Giving
University Advancement or 760-750-4404

Alan Brown

Alex Carrati

Bailey Eskew

Angie Fuentes

Brittani Hollingsworth

Savanah McPhillips

Matt Walsh

Thank You!

CSUSM thanks the following donors for supporting the 2013-14 Senior Class Gift Campaign!

  • Alyssa Acuna
  • Victoria Ades
  • Sasha Agapito-Garcia
  • Evelyn Aguirre
  • Richard J. Aguilera
  • Candace Alano
  • Andrea Alonte
  • Gerardo Alvarez
  • Anela Ama-Pascua
  • Cecilia Ambrosio
  • Chelsea Andelin
  • Ra'mon Anderson
  • April Andreola
  • Erica Angel
  • Marcela Armas
  • Trevor Arvin
  • Bernardo Bahena
  • Zachary Barnes
  • Flor Barraza
  • Juan Carlos Barrera
  • Laura Bates
  • Andrea Batista
  • Sabe Baubec
  • Cathy Baur
  • Shelli Bautista
  • Kristin Beard
  • Samantha Beasley
  • Vincent Bellino
  • Pauline Benitez
  • Kaitlin Bennett
  • Carrie Biers
  • Jodi Blosch
  • Jim Boggs
  • Katie Boggs
  • Kim Boggs
  • Chelsea Boomer
  • Paul Boyer
  • Maria Briceno
  • Kyle Bridges
  • Sean Briner
  • Lori Brockett
  • Deanna Brooks
  • Alan Brown
  • La Sean Brown
  • Matthew Broyles
  • Bradley Cable
  • Margarita Calderon
  • Aaron Campos
  • Alex Caratti
  • Charles and Marsi Caratti
  • Trian Cariaga
  • Sammi Carr
  • Stephanie Casillas
  • Jessica Ceballos
  • Joshua Cedarholm
  • Pedro Cobian
  • Emma Cohen
  • Hazel Colon
  • Clark Conforti
  • Kimbery Constantino
  • Gloria Cruz
  • Rodrigo Cruz
  • Mitchell Cuomo
  • Marissa Daly
  • Meredith Daly
  • Rodger D'Andreas-Wahl
  • Donna Day
  • Deanne Dean
  • Marlon Rey Delos Angeles
  • Alyzza DeMesa
  • Anileydi Diaz
  • Justin Diaz
  • Bethany Dineen
  • Jessica Dorsey
  • Ross Edmunds
  • Nathan Eggebrecht
  • Claudia Floriano
  • Yanely Fonseca
  • Armina Foorohar
  • Jon Fredricks
  • Patrick Gallegos
  • Maxim Gantman
  • Alma Garcia
  • Cristina Garcia
  • Federico Garcia
  • Samantha Garcia
  • Karen Gascar
  • Robert Gifford
  • Fradel Gonzales
  • Krizia Gould
  • Kristen Grassi
  • Brittany Grier
  • Saleena Guerrero
  • Michelle Hackbardt
  • Veronica Harrison
  • Linda Hawk
  • Karen S. Haynes and James Mickelson
  • Danielle Heck
  • Dorian Herrero
  • Breeann Hewitt
  • Katlyn Hollinger
  • Miranda Homuth
  • Neal Hoss
  • Maribel Illescas
  • Liberty Isbell
  • Brittney Jackson
  • Nicholas Jaffari
  • Carly John
  • Heather John
  • Spencer Joseph
  • Kathryn Kahl
  • John Kelleher
  • Gregory Kellogg
  • Brittany Karman
  • Kristine Kirchmeier
  • Talia Kirsch
  • Katrina Labayen
  • Sarah Lane
  • Matt Lavia
  • Marco Lemus
  • Carly Danielle Lewis
  • Casey Lynn
  • Alison Madera
  • Gabrielle Mager
  • John Mahoney III
  • Sean Malter
  • Elizabeth Mandel
  • Tanina Maniscalco
  • Erika Mares
  • Yarilene Mares
  • Joseph Martin
  • Rani Martin
  • Carolyn and Tom McGurn
  • Caitlin McNulty
  • Erika Mendez
  • Cher Miller
  • Lisa Mitchell
  • Tracie Mitchell
  • Suzanne Moineau
  • Eliasar Molina
  • Jennifer Montgomery
  • Denise Montiel
  • Erika Montiel
  • Malcolm Moore
  • Stephanie Morales Acevedo
  • Janessa Morgan
  • Yussett Navarrete
  • Sarah Nichols
  • Leroy Noriega
  • Erica Novoa
  • Maria D. Nunez
  • Cindy Ochoa
  • Melissa Olmos
  • Ubaldo Pamatz Ortega
  • Anthony Paris
  • Stacy Pauley
  • Jennifer Peterson
  • Stephanie Powell
  • Analisa Ramirez
  • David Ramos
  • Vilma Ramos
  • Dmitri Ranieri
  • Dominica Ranieri
  • Dana Reedy
  • Jennifer Repp
  • Karla Reyes
  • Jessica Rihan
  • Michelle Romans
  • James Romero
  • Rebecca Ryan
  • Veronica Sanchez
  • Nancy Santiago
  • Nancy Santillan
  • Gieselle Sarmiento
  • Wences Savaiki
  • Nicole Sears
  • Berlin Siador
  • Arthur Silverstein III
  • Veronica Silveyra
  • Joan Simancas
  • Nayely Simancas
  • Gary Simmons
  • Priscella Slali-Danke
  • Steven Snodgrass
  • Steven Sok
  • Andrea Spector
  • Sara Stotler
  • Kelcey Stricker
  • Ashley Swarts
  • Janelle Temnick
  • Stephanie Tena
  • Krista Thomas
  • Nikkolette Thomas
  • Ofelia Torres
  • Yeni Towver
  • Greg and Arlene Toya
  • Jacqueline Trischman
  • Stephen Tsui
  • Danielle Underwood
  • Mayra Valdez
  • Karina Valenzuela
  • Chanelle Vargas
  • Cipriano Vargas
  • Shadrach Vaughn
  • Miriam Vidaurri
  • Jessica Virgen
  • Jenelle Voelker
  • Kimberly Walker
  • Matthew Walsh
  • Gloria Whadford
  • Derek Wilson

Past Senior Class Gift Campaign Honor Roll of Donors