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Policies for Graduate Students

Concurrent Enrollment (Undergraduates receiving Graduate Credit)

Continuous enrollment requirement and time-limit to degree

Conditionally Classified or Classified graduate students must be continuously enrolled unless an authorized Request for Graduate Student Leave of Absence has been filed with the Enrollment Services Information Center.
Master's students must complete their degree within five years.

Course Repeat Policy-Graduate

E699--Graduate standing continuation

Graduate Student Course Load - From Title V

Graduate Student Course Load: Graduate students who are enrolled in nine (9) units or more in a fall or spring semester are classified as full-time. Graduate students who hold a University assistantship requiring one-third time services or more are considered full-time when enrolled in six (6) units during an academic term.

Graduate Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR)

Leave of Absence--Graduate Students

Master's Thesis and Project Committee Composition

Graduate Probation, Disqualification and Reinstatement

Use of Undergraduate Courses in Master's Degree Program

Second Master's Degree