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  • Reaching Out Through a Lens
    Focused on creating socially responsible media, an innovative Visual and Performing Arts course at CSUSM is empowering students to learn about and serve the needs of their community from behind the lens of a video camera.
  • Community Service Learning
    Each year, more than 75 classes at Cal State San Marcos integrate service learning into the curriculum. Different than volunteerism, service learning brings to life the subject matter of a course by involving students in real-world community service activities that directly relate to classroom teachings.
  • Delivering Care Across the Globe
    In a remote African homestead built of concrete blocks and metal siding, CSUSM nursing student Kerry Jauregui learned to improvise as she cleaned a patient’s burn-wounds, using saline to substitute for the lack of available clean water and a fresh cotton shirt to serve as a bandage.
  • Serving On and Off the Court
    In spring CSUSM welcomed its first six volleyball student-athletes to campus as the players got an early start acclimating to university life and training for the program’s first season of collegiate competition, which starts August 19.
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