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Harry E. Brakebill Distinguished Professor Award

This Year's Award Recipient is

Matthew Escobar

Dr. Matthew Escobar

Dr. Escobar embodies the principles of the Brakebill Award criteria through his excellence in teaching, research and service.

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The Brakebill Award process was developed through the Academic Senate. The nominations committee forwards their recommendations for the award to the President. The President then reviews the recommendations and makes her final selections.


2015/2016 Sharon Hamill
2014/2015 Alyssa Sepinwall
2013/2014 Elizabeth Matthews
2012/2013 Martha Stoddard-Holmes
2011/2012 No Award Given
2010/2011 Rajnandini Pillai
2009/2010 Kathy Norman
2008/2009 Soheila Jorjani
2007/2008 Juan Necochea
2006/2007 No Award Given
2005/2006 Dawn Formo
2004/2005 Paul Jasien
2003/2004 Janet McDaniel
2002/2003 No Award Given
2001/2002 Graham Oberem
2000/2001 Susie Lan Cassel
1999/2000 Laura Wendling
1998/1999 Marie Thomas
1997/1998 Justin Tan
1996/1997 Laurie Stowell
1995/1996 Stanley Wang
1994/1995 Ken Mendoza
1993/1994 Rene Curry