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TLC Criteria

Program elements include:

  1. Interest Form (above) 
  2. TypeFocus Self-Assessment - Myers-Briggs Personality Type Inventory 
  3. Enrolling with your Peer Leader (TLC graduate) 
  4. 7 TLC Workshops (Hosted Tuesdays & Fridays) 
  5. 7 Hours of Campus Engagement 
  6. 7 Hours of Civic Engagement

Final requirements include:

  1. Resume Critique from CSUSM's Career Center
  2. LinkedIn Portfolio - built off of your refined resume 
  3. Reflection Paper
  4. Online Graduation Application
  5. Panel Exit Interview

Optional Emphasis: Multicultural Competency:

Open to new TLC students and TLC graduates who are seeking deeper leadership development based on social justice and diversity. Students will earn a leadership certificate with an emphasis in Multicultural Competency signed by the University President and the Associate Director of Multicultural Programs.

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At least 16 TLC workshops are offered each semester! 

Campus Engagement

Definition: Any on campuse event that involves student participation in discussion or observation of culture, humanity, and leadership.


  • Being a member or officer of a student organization
  • Student org fairs, meetings, fundraisers, conferences
  • International Coffee Hour
  • All Cross-Cultural Center Events
  • Civility Cafes/Dialogues
  • Arts & Lectures Events
  • Campus trainings for student staff
  • Ally Trainings
  • Participation in First-Year Programs/Academic Programs (e.e. EOP, PASO, TRIO) 
  • Career Center Workshops
  • On-Campus Blood Drive Donations
  • American Democracy in Action Project   

Civic Engagement

Definition: Volunteering at a non-profit or agency that serves marginalized groups, serving at an event, organizing off-campus events.