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Application Process

Apply now link
  1. Apply
  2. Send in Resume and Transcripts to
  3. Notification to setup interview with Principle Investigator
  4. Accepted at internship site
  5. Memorandum of Understanding with site and intern
  6. Start!

Internship Process

  1. Weekly online check-ins
  2. Monthly "in-person" advising
  3. Site check-ins monthly with principle investigator.

How do you get paid?

  1. Must complete the required check-ins
  2. All checks are submitted for processing on the last week of the month
  3. Checks sent via U.S. Postal Service. Please allow a minimum of 5 business days before contacting the ESTEP Coordinator.

**When submitting documents, use secure methods such as VeraCrypt or remove confidential data before sending via email.**