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Energy System Technology Evaluation Program (ESTEP)

ESTEP is a dual pronged initiative of the Office of Naval Research.

Secretary of the Navy, Ray Mabus, issued 5 aggressive goals aimed at transforming the Department of the Navy's energy use. Basic premise? Get Navy bases and stations to net zero energy use by increasing alternative energy practices.


Office of Naval Research (ONR) sponsors research projects to harness innovative use of alternative energy. Find out more about ESTEP here.

But... veterans?

Dr. Richard Carlin, Department Head of the Sea Warfare and Weapons Department at the Office of Naval Research, had the tremendous forsight to develop America's STEM workforce by creating a paid internship program for veterans. 

This is a reciprocal relationship: veterans receive a stipend while the Department of the Navy helps develop the nation's STEM workforce.


43% of veterans indicate their military specialization was STEM related. With a well documented shortage in qualified candidates in the U.S. STEM workforce, "Veterans with STEM military work experience, paired with a degree, are better prepared to start contributing to  a job at a higher level than recent graduates without military experience."

That's logical... but still, why a focus on veterans?

CSUSM has made a commitment to its community to support transitioning military. Instead of just talking about it, we choose to operationlize it. Professional Development/ESTEP is one such well-defined, meaningful show of support.


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