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Vet Net Ally

 Vet Net Ally 2016

Date: November 4| Time: 830 am - 1230 pm | Location: USU Ballroom

Faculty and staff are invited to this 4-hour Vet Net Ally Workshop, designed to increase awareness and understanding of the unique challenges student veterans face and the strengths they bring to higher education.  The workshop will cover an overview of military culture including the values and behaviors veterans bring with them to the classroom, as well as an exploration of the myths that inform the general public’s impression of the military. A panel of current and former CSUSM student veterans will address their experiences at CSUSM including what worked for them as they progressed through higher education and what could have been better.

This is a timely topic given the fact that 15,000 to 20,000 active duty personnel will separate from the military each year in Southern California over the next few years.  Many of them will use the education benefits they have earned to transition through education and into careers.  There are more student veterans per capita at CSUSM than any other CSU and that number is projected to increase.

If you are interested in being a Veteran Student Champion at CSUSM and being part of the first group to go through this awareness-raising workshop please: RSVP