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Enrollment Tips

Enrollment Strategies after the semester begins:

Adding Courses:

  • NEW! Effective Spring 2019, a permission number will not be required to enroll in an open class during the first week of the semester! You may add classes yourself, online in your Student Center.
    • If instructor consent is required, a permission number is still needed to enroll.  
    • If a class is not displayed as “open”, a permission number is still needed to enroll. Refer to How to Crash a Class.
  • During the second week of the semester, the only way to add a course will be with a permission number provided by the course instructor.
    • You'll need to attend the class to see if the instructor will give you a permission number. Keep in mind,  permission numbers are limited.
  • Instructors will often use the waitlist to add students.

Dropping Courses:

  • If you are enrolled in a course you do not intend to complete, you are encouraged to drop the course prior to the start of the semester to avoid tuition related fees and negative grading.
  • The last day to drop a class without recieving a W is February 4th. 

Still Looking for Classes?

  • If you are a continuing student you may be eligible to take a CSU Fully Online course. More information on eligibility and enrollment in CSU Fully Online can be located here.
  • The enrollment window for CSU Fully Online courses is limited, the link will only be available to you in your Student Center until January 21.