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Summer CAMP Program

All potential students are required to attend "Summer CAMP" a college transitional program. Summer CAMP usually runs between the fourth week of June through the fourth week of July.

The intense five-week summer program that provides 1st year CAMP students with educational instruction in writing, math and study skills. Aside from the school work, Summer CAMP combines education and fun. Summer CAMP includes cultural activities and field trips where students have the chance to interact with each other and learn about their culture.


Participation Requirements:

  • Must have completed CSUSM CAMP application and met CAMP eligibility requirements.
  • Must have attended CAMP Overview event.
  • Be admitted as a CSUSM undergraduate student and submit "intent to enroll" before the May 1 deadline.
  • Complete and submit a FAFSA application for the current CSUSM Academic Year.

Please note: Summer CAMP has limited enrollment and it is mandatory for all potential CAMP students to participate. 

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Benefits of Summer CAMP:

  1. Get ahead academically!
    • Take college courses to prepare for fall
    • Earn 4 units of college credit (GEL 120)
    • Fulfill the Early Start Requirement
    • Improve Study Skills
  2. Improve CAMPUS & social interactions!
    • Form a bond with our campus, staff, and your peers!
    • Become familiar with the CSUSM campus & it's services
  3. Build skills on topics such as:
    • Computer skills
    • Time management
    • Financial education/ budgeting
    • Healthy habits/stress management
    • Presentation skills
  4. Most of all, to join the fun!!!
    • Our staff plans and coordinates educational activites to help students develop their leadership skills.