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Hispanic Educational Technology Services (HETS)

Cal State San Marcos is proud to be a member of the Hispanic Education Technology Services (HETS).  HETS is a technology-oriented consortium with over 30 plus members from colleges and universities, corporate members, and nonprofit organizations, providing college students access to technology learning services and student leadership opportunities for Hispanic/Latino students in higher education.

HETS is a complementary tool for college students to access, free of charge.  CSUSM's partnership with HETS is aligned with the below modules:

Career Exploration Module

The Career Exploration Module complements the resources that CSUSM’s Career Center offers. This HETS page provides questions and ideas that help you think about what career might be right for you.


People who have a strong background in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics will be in high demand in the years to come. Use the resources on this page to learn about college and career opportunities that focus on the STEM disciplines.                              

Scholarships & Internships

Although many of the scholarships and internships listed here focus on East Coast universities, more are frequently added all the time. Check here to learn about ways to make college more affordable.

Scholarships for Hispanics

Because CSUSM is a Hispanic Serving Institution, there are many scholarships specifically available to the Latino/a community. This page provides a list of those opportunities.