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Coming in Fall 2020

A dining program starting in Fall 2020 at CSUSM will provide students with a safe and comfortable extension of their home to get healthy, affordable, well balanced meals. Campus dining fosters community growth, enhances the quality of campus life and contributes to the social components by providing additional space for meetings with faculty and other students. 

Campus Dining in CSUSM News

What's to Come?

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Tasting Events

Naming of the Dining Café

Discount Offers



Continue to check back for information on upcoming events, offers, construction details, etc. 

Dining Café Location


Click Dining Café for more information!

Meal Plan Information

 UVA and QUAD Resident Meal Plan Information

Voluntary Meal Plan Information

Additional dining program information will be available soon. But we wanted to get your mouth watering for what is coming in 2020!