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Voluntary Meal Plan Information

Coming in Fall 2020

Voluntary meal plans save time and money! There are a variety of voluntary meal plans to meet the needs of our commuter students.

Meal Plan Benefits

  • Convenience

    • Students can spend more time on academic and other personal pursuits, no Cooking, cleaning, shopping or driving.
    • Most convenient way for students to save time and eat a well-balanced meal.
  • Flexibility

    • Meal Plans are built to match CSUSM students’ lifestyles. Based on eating habits, there are different plan options.
    • Meal plans are made up of meal swipes, and dining dollars. Dining dollars can be used any USU eatery or Starbucks.
  • Value/Affordability

    • Dining cafe will offer the best value all-you-care-to-eat options.
    • Student’s time and money is very valuable. Reduce costs for gas, groceries, and eating out. It also saves time, and limits the concerns about what is in the fridge or finding the time to grocery shop.
    • A meal plan can decrease roommate conflicts resulting in an increase of the enjoyment of being in their living space.

Voluntary Meal Plan Costs

  • Student Voluntary Meal Plan Options

    STUDENT VOLUNTARY MEAL PLAN OPTIONS Cost per Meal Meals per semester Dining Dollars Total Cost
    Campus Plan Block 100 + $100 dining dollars $ 8.75 100 $100 $ 975
    Social Plan Block 50 + $150 dining dollars $ 9.70 50 $150 $ 635
    Deluxe Plan Block 40 + $200 dining dollars $ 9.75 40 $200 $ 590
    Flex Plan Block 35 + $250 dining dollars $ 10.00 35 $250 $ 600
    Select Plan Block 30 + $300 dining dollars $ 10.83 30 $300 $ 625
  • Crash Cash

    Students, Faculty and Staff can also purchase Crash Cash. Load any amount on to a Dining Card in $5 increments. If you load $250, receive an additional $13 Crash Cash free. If you load $500, receive an additional $35 Crash Cash free. If you load $750, receive an additional $75 Crash Cash free. 

Faculty/Staff Meal Plans Coming Soon!

Volunteer Meal Plan FAQs