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Post MSN Clinical Nurse Leader Certificate

The Clinical Nurse Leader Post MSN Certificate prepares the student to be a leader, manager, and educator at the unit level.  The Clinical Nurse Leader role is learned through courses in health systems leadership, quality improvement, evaluation and accreditation in nursing organizations, financial resource management, and management of patients in the acute care setting. Students will be eligible to sit for the Clinical Nurse Leader Certification exam from AACN. Students in the Clinical Nurse Leader Certificate will meet the following outcomes;

  • Implement the CNL role in a variety of clinical settings.
  • Apply advanced knowledge (pharmacology, pathophysiology, health assessment) and core competencies (critical thinking, communication, nursing technology resources) to the development and evaluation of a plan for individuals or populations at the point of care. 
  • Assume accountability for the efficient and cost effective use of human, environmental and national resources by applying principles of healthcare policy, finance, economics and ethics to improve quality of care delivery. 
  • Integrate knowledge of informatics, human diversity and ethics to address and manage variation in population outcomes and ensure culturally relevant care.
  • Implement evidence-based practices and professional standards of care to affect change in health care organizations and improve outcomes of care.
  • Apply principles of leadership and collaboration to improve the health outcomes of individuals and clinical populations. 
  • Improve clinical practice and optimize healthcare outcomes thruogh use of information systems and technologies.
  • Advocate for the client, interdisciplinary care team and profession in regulatory areas.