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Post MSN Transitions of Care Management

 Post-MSN certificate Transitions of Care Management

Introducing a new Post-MSN CNS certificate specializing in Transitions of Care. Transitions of Care is an emerging field within the healthcare industry that directly benefits patients as they transition from one level of care to another and improves healthcare efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

The Transitions of Care CNS specialty will include two courses of Transitions of Care Management along with two concurrent field study courses. There will also be a final externship course for a total of 540 clinical hours. The first field study clinical will focus on providing transitions of care in the acute care facilities and community. The final two clinical courses will focus on providing care in either the acute care setting or in the community clinics. Students taking Transitions of Care CNS courses will also take CNS courses in a population focus for Adult/Gerontology or Pediatric Health specialty making them eligible to take the Adult/Gerontology or Pediatric CNS certification exam.