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Academic Planning

Undergraduate Advising Services:

Undergraduate Advising Services provides comprehensive academic advising regarding major and minor programs, general education, academic policies and procedures, probation regulations, and reinstatement to all admitted undergraduate students in the College of Science and Mathematics, College of Business Administration, College of Humanities, Arts, Behavioral and Social Sciences, College of Education, Health and Human Services at California State University San Marcos.

Lower Division Road Maps:

Your Lower Division Road Maps will help you with academic planning for your first two years at Cal State San Marcos. The engine behind the interactive LDRs website will then search through an atlas of roadmaps to give you individualized semester-by-semester course plans (your "driving directions") for your first two years of study. The courses in your roadmap will satisfy lower-division general education requirements, other university requirements, and the specific requirements of your chosen major, and these courses are sequenced according to any necessary prerequisites. Following your LDR will ensure your being well-prepared for the rigorous upper-division course work required by your major.

Class Schedule:

Allows you to search for available classes by course, times, days, instructors, course number, locations, and majors.

Course Catalog:

The University Catalog is the definitive guide to CSU San Marcos. It contains critical information about the University, including: Official descriptions of every course; Detailed graduation requirements; A complete listing of all undergraduate and postgraduate degrees; Detailed requirements for every major, minor, and postgraduate degree program; Information on the University's three colleges, school of nursing, and individual academic departments; Academic policies; How to become a student at CSU San Marcos (admissions and application); Fees and financial aid; and Services and resources to support students.

Degree Progress Report:

The Degree Progress Report can be found on your My Student Center under the Academics heading as "Degree Progress".  This Degree Progress Report (DPR) is designed to assist students and academic advisors in monitoring and tracking degree requirements. The DPR is not an academic transcript or an official notification of completion of degree requirements. Students are responsible for meeting all requirements for their degree and are encouraged to work with an academic advisor to monitor progress. It is recommended that students run this report frequently for the most current information.

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