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First Year Requirements



First-Year Student Alcohol Education Requirement

As part of our campus wellness education efforts, Cal State San Marcos requires all of our incoming first-year students to complete – an online alcohol education and prevention program.   Whether you drink or not, will help you to make effective decisions about alcohol and help you better cope with drinking behaviors of your fellow students, friends or family. Cal State San Marcos is committed to the wellness and success of our students, and we are confident your participation in the program will be helpful to you as you begin your first year at our university.

Immunization Requirements

For all NEW CSUSM students, California State University of higher education
system has mandated that new students born after January 1, 1957 must
demonstrate proof of
full immunization to measles and rubella.

Students have one semester to comply or they will not be permitted to register for a second semester. Registration holds are placed if proof of immunization has not been submitted to SHCS prior to priority registration date. 

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