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Stage 2: Enrollment - First Day of School

You are now part of the Cougar family. Here are some tips that will help you before your first day of school.

Stage II will walk you through the steps you need to complete after you have attended orientation.

Stage II: Enrollment - First Day of School

Step 1: Orientation Information - Forgot what orientation was all about?  This link will help you remember all that you did during orientation!

Step 2: Academic Planning - Get help planning your schedule!

Step 3: Pay for CSUSM - Still haven't paid your fees? Learn how to get help and get those fees paid!

Step 4: Cougar Central - Visit your one-stop-shop and see what cougar central has to offer!

Step 5: Find Housing - Still looking for a place to live?  Look no more!  Finding a place to live on or off campus is just a click away!

Step 6: Buy Textbooks - Find out how and where to buy your textbooks!

Step 7: First Year Requirements - Make sure you are on track with your first year requirements!

Step 8: Dine on Campus - Hungry?  Find out where to feed your hunger!

Step 9: Find a job - Work on campus and make some extra money!

Step 10: Get Involved - Find out what's going on around campus and join the festivities!

Step 11: Parking - Find out where to park and how to get your parking permit!

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