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Global Business

Global Business Option

The mission of the Global Business Option is to develop talent for a sustainable world. The GB program has been carefully designed to broaden our students’ global worldview and develop worldly professionals.

Required courses are specifically designed to build the essential knowledge and develop the personal skills that are critical to be successful in today's dynamic, uncertain, and complex business environment.

For their elective courses, GB students can emphasize one of three tracks:

  • Marketing knowledge and skills that can be applied across industries and profit and not-for-profit organizations for those interested in marketing and sales careers
  • Entrepreneurship for those interested in starting their own business, but with a current or future global reach
  • Information Systems for students interested in helping firms manage their information systems while working in a global environment

For either track, students must complete a foreign study or work experience. This experience is designed to develop the personal insights and understanding about living and working in a foreign country that only comes from first-hand exposure. This exposure is absolutely necessary to better understand the challenges and opportunities of entering foreign markets.

GB students may substitute CoBA's Senior Experience requirement by participating in a foreign internship, which can also satisfy the Foreign Residency Requirement.