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Campaign Leadership

Jack Raymond, CSUSM Foundation Board Chair

Lessen the financial burden of a bright first-generation college student pursuing his or her dream.
Support a program that serves to raise the social and economic tide of our entire region.
Provide a professor with the resources and freedom to explore new ideas.

Through Forward Together, the campaign for California State University San Marcos, you can help us do all this and much more...

For over 25 years, the power of philanthropy and community support has fueled tremendous successes and helped Cal State San Marcos distinguish itself among other universities with a proven track record of accomplishments.

As a founding member of the President's University Council and now as the chair of the CSUSM Foundation Board, I have seen firsthand-in countless ways-how higher education can change not only the trajectory of a student's life, but the entire course of families and communities. Yet, I'm not satisfied with our current successes... and I hope you aren't either. We must engage our entrepreneurial spirit while we advance to meet the challenges and demands of our rapidly changing region.

We know that raising $50 million is an ambitious-some might even say audacious-goal for a university just 25 years in the making. We are one of the youngest universities to attempt to reach a fundraising target set so high. Yet this campaign, launched at a time of institutional maturity-with nearly 14,000 students and well-developed programs, initiatives and partnerships-is urgently needed for CSUSM to continue to advance at the same rate of success.

With state funding not only unreliable but insufficient to meet the needs of this growing, in demand campus, we need your involvement and support. We must move forward as a university and a community united in purpose and in action.

Will you join me in this effort? This is about creating our future, focused on all of us, working together to make a better university and region for all. Whether you care about creating a well-educated workforce, supporting dynamic and engaged scholarship, or unraveling solutions to our society's most enduring problems, you must care about the strength and capacity of California State University San Marcos.

By joining forces and preparing tomorrow's leaders, building great communities and solving critical issues, there is no limit to what we can do... Forward Together.

Sincerely, Jack Raymond
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Chair, CSUSM Foundation Board

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