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Steps to Applying

Chancellor's Doctoral Incentive Program (CDIP) 

Deadline: February 1, 2019

  1. Attend an Information Workshop
  2. Visit the CDIP website for application details, including information on securing a faculty mentor, letter of recommendations, etc. 
  3. Contact the Campus Coordinator for any questions. Meet if necessary. 
  4. Apply online! 
Scholars are announced mid-May via email. 

 California Pre-Doctoral Program (Sally Casanova Scholarship) 

INTERnAL CAMPUS Deadline: February 8, 2019
  1. Attend an Information Workshop
  2. Set meeting with the Campus Coordinator and get application info and requirements.
  3. Identify your Faculty Mentor. 
  4. Work on your essays. 
  5. Meet with Campus Coordinator for review and approval. 
  6. Upon approval, submit application and accompanying materials online (link and instructions will be provided by Campus Coordinator). 
Scholars are announced early June via email. 


2018/2019 Recipients


  • Daisy Avila; Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Xuan Santos, Sociological Practice
  • Kelsey Baird; Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Robert Roberts, Sociology
  • Daniela Carreon; Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Christopher Bickel, Sociology
  • Celeste Espindola; Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Mohamed Abumaye, Sociology


  • Jacques P. Coulombe; Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Andre Kundgen, Mathematics
  • Teresa A. Hodges; Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Laurette McGuire, Anthropology
  • Emily Merryweather; Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Sharon Hamill, Psychology

Contact the Campus Coordinator

Sara Baramy

CSUSM Office of Graduate Studies 
(760) 750-4066 

Pre-Doctoral Program Brochure

Information Workshops

Roadmap To The CSU Doctoral Programs