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Graduate Dean's Awards

2017-2018 Recipient


Justin Mulvany

Name: Justin Mulvany

Graduate Program: M.S.Mathematics

Justin Mulvany is a truly outstanding example of what can be accomplished as a graduate student at CSUSM. Justin is one of three students who graduated with a 4.0 GPA in the entire history of the M.S. Mathematics program. Dr. Amber Puha, Mathematics Professor and Graduate Coordinator, describes his work in class as "exemplary" and "exceptional." He is characterized as thoughtful, careful, creative, and a deep thinker. She describes Justin's performance in her course on Stochastic Processes, "His proof writing is elegant and clear, and his ability to understand subtle details is notable." 

Justin's thesis project is a blend of theory and numerical simulation, "to prove uniform convergence, starting from a suitable compact set of initial conditions, to the set of invariant states (fixed points) as time tends to infinity." This thesis project proposal and methodology comes from a study by Dr. Puha and UCSD Professor Ruth Williams on a single-class processor sharing published in 2016

Justin plans to continue his education in a doctoral program. He has been accepted into three top-tier programs. He accepted the offer from the Marshall School of Business, Data Science, and Operators at the University of Southern California (USC), which he will begin in Fall 2018.


About the Graduate Dean's Award

This award acknowledges the importance of the master’s degree at California State University San Marcos by recognizing the accomplishments of an outstanding master’s degree recipient.  Graduate study involves both greater independence and closer intellectual interaction with faculty mentors as the student develops focused knowledge and expertise in a subject area. The recipient of this award will have demonstrated mastery in advanced coursework as well as engagement in independent study and research, scholarship, or creative activity.

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