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Grad Slam 

2020 grad slam flier

This event is open to undergraduate and graduate students!  A panel of 2-3 judges will choose 4 finalists (3 graduate student finalists and 1 undergraduate student finalists). Students will showcase their research in a three minute oral presentation using one powerpoint slide.

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  • 2/25 Tues 
    Grad Student Forum
    6:30-8:00pm Room TBD
  • 3/13 Fri
    Grad Slam Apps Due
  • 3/19 Thurs
    Grad Slam 5:00-8:00pm
    Cross Cultural Center
  • 3/27 Fri
    Drink 'N Think
  • 4/17 Fri
    Epic Wings N Things 
  • 5/14 Thurs
    Grad Student Celebration