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Grad Slam Lite

Grad Slam Lite flier

  1. Grad Slam LITE submission requirements:
    1. 1 minute video post of your elevator speech
      1. Please state your name, department/discipline, what year you are, and what your plans are after you get your master's.
      2. State your P.I./Advisor/Mentor's name, lab name, and what the lab researches.
      3. State your thesis topic: what are your research questions, hypotheses (if you have any), methods, results (if you have any).
      4. How does this research contribute to the literature and science?
    2. Video Caption
      1. Please write a short bio of yourself! You can include where you're from, if you are first generation college student, hobbies, how you picked this field, etc.
    3. Post your Grad Slam Lite video on your Instagram account and tag  @csusm_grc




Current Events

  1.  GRC Officer Elections 
    1. Submit Application
    2. Officer Descriptions
  2. Six Weeks of Instagram Challenges - Each week there will be a new challenge post on our Instagram page. Follow us to participate in each of the following challenges
    1. First Week = $5
    2. Second Week = $10
    3. Third Week = $15
    4. Fourth Week = $20
    5. Fifth Week = $25
    6. Sixth Week = $30