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Grant Support Fellow Faculty

Serving from Winter (January) 2020 through Summer (June) 2021

The Grant Support Faculty Fellow will work with the Grants & Contracts Development team within the Office of Graduate Studies & Research to provide leadership in promoting and advancing research and external funding at CSUSM. This position involves developing and leading the Grant Writing Bootcamps, which occur twice annually during off-contract time. The Grant Support Faculty fellow will also mentor and support Grant Writing Bootcamp participants and alumni as well a selected number of additional faculty. 

The Grant Support Faculty Fellow will have the following responsibilities:

  • Participate in and observe the Grant Writing Bootcamp Winter 2020 Edition (January)
  • Set the direction for and lead the CSUSM Grant Writing Bootcamp Summer 2020 Edition (June), including drafting the call for proposals and serving as part of the selection committee
  • Develop the curriculum for the Summer 2020 Grant Writing Bootcamp
  • Refine curriculum and lead the Winter 2021 (January) Bootcamp
  • Refine curriculum and lead the Summer 2021 Bootcamp (June) while training the next Faculty Fellow (unless extending appointment)
  • Provide sustained mentorship to Bootcamp participants
  • Mentor a selected number of faculty who are not involved in the Bootcamp but who are developing proposals, including set office hours
  • Meet on a monthly basis with the Grants and Contracts Development team

Minimum Requirements:

  • Demonstrated success in receiving and administering external grant funds
  • Must hold the rank of tenured-faculty
  • Must have the ability to lead Bootcamps in June and January and commit the needed time for this positio

Time Commitment:  

The Faculty Fellow position will commence with a limited number of meetings in the second half of fall 2019 and continue through June 2021 (with an option to renew).


  • One course release (3 WTU) during the commitment to use as needed
  • $1,500 stipend for the Winter 2020 Bootcamp (for observation/participation)
  • $3,000 stipend for leading the Summer 2020 Bootcamp
  • $3,000 stipend for leading the Winter 2021 Bootcamp
  • $3,000 stipend for leading the Summer 2021 Bootcamp (potentially training the next fellow)

To Apply:

In one page, discuss your interest in the position. Include your vision for the future of research at CSUSM and the experience you would draw upon to develop and lead Grant Writing Bootcamps. Submit your letter of interest and vita to

OGSR Grants and Contracts Development can provide information on prior Bootcamp offerings including schedules/curriculum.

Call for Applications - Due October 30, 2019