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CUGR - Committee for Undergraduate Research

Committee for Undergraduate Research (CUGR)

Mission Statement

California State University San Marcos values research.  It aids in the discovery of new knowledge and is an important educational tool.  Students who engage in undergraduate research are better prepared to rise to contemporary challenges.Faculty and students are supported and recognized by the university for their research and creative activities. 

Committee for Undergraduate Research (CUGR)

The Office of Graduate Studies and Research  called together faculty, staff, and students from all areas of campus to discuss and develop opportunities for undergraduate research.  This committee, CUGR, completed a faculty survey on undergraduate research.  In the survey report, the following initial goals were identified. 

Short-term Goals to develop an institutional priority for undergraduate reseach.

  1. Inventory and assess undergraduate research activities.  Identify the strengths and opportunities for developing a campus undergraduate research program and a research-supportive curriculum.
  2. Identify core faculty committed to engaging undergraduate students in research.
  3. Inform and foster dialogue among faculty and students about the benefits of undergraduate research

Medium-term Goals to support undergraduate research and creative activities

  1. Develop a system to link faculty and undergraduate students in research activities
  2. Develop a centralized undergraduate research program to coordinate activities across the campus including campus-wide student symposia and seminars
  3. Identify external resources to support undergraduate research and work with faculty to submit external grant proposals to support undergraduate research.  This would include obtaining faculty resources and to securing equipment, supplies, and facilities to enhance our physical infrastructure
  4. Enhance and further develop a research-supportive undergraduate curriculum
  5. Recognize faculty and student research through celebration of achievements

For more information on CUGR and the Undergraduate Research Initiative, contact the Office of Graduate Studies and Research,