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Welcome to Geography!

Currently students seeking to study geography at CSUSM have two options.  The first is to minor in geography. We offer several classes each semester (courses list below).

The second option is for those students pursuing a liberal studies degree to complete a depth of study in geography. This is an interesting option for students interested in K-8 teaching because they may have to teach geography once they become professional teachers.

Geography Courses Offered:

  • GEOG 110 - Intro to Physical Geography
  • GEOG 120 - Intro to GIS
  • GEOG 201 - World Regional Geography
  • GEOG 202 - World Regional Geography (GIS)
  • GEOG 310 - Climate Change
  • GEOG 340 - Regional Geography
  • GEOG 341 - Nature and Society
  • GEOG 352 - Environment, Dev, Sustainability
  • GEOG 365 - Globalization and Trade
  • GEOG 450 - Parks & Protected Areas
  • GEOG 460 - Food Systems and Emerging Markets

Please visit our catalog for updated course descriptions. 

The Food Project

Photo of the growing boxes at the campus farm

A recent change to our curriculum is the redesign of Geography 460: Food Systems and Emerging Markets, which now includes active farming on the campus called the Food Project

To find out more about the discipline of geography, you can visit the website of the American Association of Geographers (aka, the AAG) and check out the newsletter at right which is published weekly and features news about geographic research, activities, and events important to georgaphers.

For more information on the Geography program please contact Dr. Greig Guthey

Coming Soon!

  • GIS Certificate
  • Geography Major