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Linguistics Minor

Welcome to Linguistics at CSU San Marcos!

Linguistics is the scientific study of language, and as such offers students the opportunity to look at one of the tools used by human beings to create and perform cultural and social identities and practices. The field of linguistics draws on a wide area of inquiry, including the investigation of the ways that languages change over time, description of the ways in which language functions as a part of cultures, considerations of the interrelatedness of language and thought, examination of the process of language acquisition, and analysis of the functioning of the brain and the vocal organs in the production and analysis of speech. Thus, students from a wide range of majors will find the Minor in Linguistics to be an excellent complement to their chosen field of study. The purpose of the Minor in Linguistics is to introduce students to the analysis of linguistic structures through the core courses of the minor, and then to provide students with the opportunity to pursue, through a range of course options, the direction of linguistic study that best complements their chosen major.

CSUSM does not currently offer a linguistics major, but we are in the process of developing one! To learn more about what you can do with a linguistics major, and by extension to have some ideas about what you could do with a linguistics minor, read this article by the Linguistic Society of America.

View Linguistics Minor Worksheet.

***We are hiring for a position in linguistics starting Fall 2020. Apply here.***

Current courses in linguistics

   •  LING 100 - English Grammar and Syntax
  •  LING 105 - Language Use in Social Media
   •  LING 121 - History and Structure of English Words
   •  LING 255 - Language Endangerment and Revitalization
   •  LING 300 - Introduction to Linguistics
   •  LING 300B - Introduction to Linguistics
   •  LING 305 - Languages in Contact
   •  LING 331 - Survey of Native American Languages
   •  LING 341 - Language Issues in the United States
   •  LING 351 - Language Acquisition
   •  LING 355 - Heritage Languages and Heritage Speakers
   •  LING 360 - Introduction to Cognitive Linguistics
   •  LING 361 - Introduction to Morphology
   •  LING 371 - Linguistic Anthropology
   •  LING 381 - Language and Gender
   •  LING 391 - Phonetics and Phonology
   •  LING 400 - Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Literacy
   •  LING 480 - Field Methods for Linguistics
   •  LING 499 - Supervised Independent Study