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Unheard Voices: CSUSM Advocates to Stop Human Trafficking

Unheard Voices was formed to educate both Cal State University San Marcos students and the local North County community of the atrocious reality of human trafficking both in San Diego and abroad. Unheard Voices will focus on informing students about child trafficking, labor trafficking, and sex trafficking. Unheard Voices aims to concentrate its attention on human trafficking that occurs in Southeast Asia and war-torn nations in the Middle East. Though Unheard Voices will focus its attention abroad, we believe it is vital to also emphasize that human trafficking is not a foreign concept that only occurs in developing nations. Therefore, by showing campus-wide documentaries and organizing panel discussions with survivors of human trafficking, Unheard Voices will successfully accomplish its goal of informing students that trafficking is both a local and global issue.


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Kiana Ajir

Scott Greenwood