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BA 690-14: Big Data

Examines the insights and uses of Cloud computing and Big Data. Builds on the foundation of data analytics and data management courses.


Hands-on learning about startups, from creating a new business idea to making a startup pitch to investors. Graduate students will work side-by-side with each other, faculty members, and mentors to discover problems, create new ideas and build business models. Provides students with an unparalleled opportunity to apply knowledge and expertise from their industries, studies, and experiences to develop business opportunities that can impact their community, region, and society. Topics include lectures and workshops focusing on entrepreneur alertness, customer discovery, design-thinking, value proposition canvas, business model canvas, storytelling, pitch development, startup financing.

Prerequisite: Enrollment in the MBA program.

ENVS 390-6, ST: Alaska Seminar: Cultural and Ecological Sustainability

Field experience; explores issues of environmental sustainability in ecology of Southeast Alaska.  Students visit Alaska to study natural and human history.  Site visits show how land, climate, and people shape each other.  Students see impact of climate change in retreat of glaciers changing ecosystems.  Emphasizes interconnectedness between human systems and natural settings.  Students learn about local and traditional cultures, experience natural settings, and gain acquaintance with model sustainable human cultures. Impact of global warming is studied in glacier and river ecologies and local human communities.