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Student Organizations

Welcome to the Student Organizations website for California State University San Marcos.  Students can choose to get involved with more than 140 recognized student organizations - or start their own!  As a result of getting involved, Student Organization leaders develop a campus support network, grow their leadership skills and plan fun activities for their group and the campus at large.  Student Organizations offer a wide variety of opportunities for students to enhance their academic and social life on campus.

Current student leaders report that their communication, interpersonal and social skills have improved as a result of being involved on campus and in the San Marcos community.

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Recognized student organizations are afforded a variety of privileges, including but not limited to the following:

  • Use of university facilities for meetings and events.  
  • Fundraising opportunities on campus within established guidelines.
  • Organization name listed in the student organization directory.
  • Use of ASI Banking and Accounting services.
  • Ability to receive full or partial funding for specific events through ASI.
  • Use of a mailbox in the Student Life & Leadership office.
  • Use CSU San Marcos' name in organization correspondence and publicity.
  • Use of designated bulletin boards for publicity.  
  • Ability to recruit members on campus.


Recognized student organizations and their members represent the University and they have a responsibility to conduct themselves in such a manner as to give a favorable impression of California State University San Marcos to the public and to fellow students.

In exchange for the advantage of having these privileges, the following minimum standards are required for all chartered organizations:

  • Organization policies must be consistent with those of the University. This includes all policies, organization purpose, and regulations, including regulations involving non-discrimination and hazing.
  • Select and maintain an authorized advisor from the Cal State San Marcos faculty or staff.  
  • Schedule all social functions and meetings according to the approved procedure for scheduling events.  
  • Maintain an active programming calendar (meetings, events, co-programming, and community service projects) that reflects the purpose of the organization as stated in the constitution.
  • Assume responsibility for clean-up after on-campus and community events.
  • Submit an accurate membership roster, list of officers and advisor to Student Life & Leadership at the begining of each semester (and whenever changes are made).
  • Regularly check and empty the student organization mailbox in Student Life & Leadership (SLL), USU 3600.
  • File one copy of the most recent version of the Organization's Constitution and Bylaws with Student Life & Leadership (one copy of the national constitution must also be on file in the case of national affiliation).
  • Send appropriate represenatives to the annual Student Organization Leadership Conference.
  • Fiscally be in good standing with the University. 

For more information come by Student Life & Leadership, or send us an email