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Professional Dispositions

The California State University San Marcos School of Education fosters the development of the following professional dispositions among our candidates. Candidates increasingly reflect these dispositions in their work with students, families, and communities.

  • Social Justice and Equity: Candidates appreciate the languages, communities, and experiences learners bring to the classroom. Candidates advocate for and support marginalized communities and individuals.
  • Collaboration: Candidates learn and practice the skills of collaboration in their coursework and use them in their professional interactions with students, colleagues, parents, caregivers and those in the wider community.
  • Critical Thinking: Candidates analyze various professional contexts, resulting in more informed decision-making about professional practice.
  • Professional Ethics: Candidates learn to make and act on well-reasoned, principled judgments.
  • Reflective Teaching and Learning: Candidates critically review their professional practice and the impact it has on student success.
  • Life-Long Learning: Candidates are committed to actively seeking new knowledge, skills and experiences throughout their career.