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The California State University San Marcos (CSUSM) Autism Spectrum Disorders Added Authorization (ASD AA) program is comprised of the following two, 3-unit courses currently offered each semester through Extended Learning. The two course titles and descriptions are as follows: 

  • EDEX 636 - Contemporary Professional Issues: Research & Best Practice Seminar...

    Contemporary Professional Issues: Research & Best Practice Seminar - Autism Spectrum Disorder

    (3 semester units)  Examines current issues, concepts, and emerging best practices and research findings related to the education of learners with mild, moderate, and severe disabilities and other dimensions of language and learning differences and, in particular, individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

  • EDEX 637- Technology & Communication for Special Populations Autism Spectrum Disorder

    Technology & Communication for Special Populations: Autism Spectrum Disorder Emphasis

    (3 semester units)  Contemporary information and issues for education and agency personnel regarding the use of technologies inclusive of augmentative and alternative communication methods for students with disabilities and other communication challenges. Emphasis is on supporting individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Requires laboratory work.

Together these courses examine characteristics, assessments, instruction, and diverse supports (inclusive of AAC and other technological supports) for students with ASD and directly meet all of the elements of the three ASD AA standards.

Per the added authorization preconditions of this authorization, participants in the CSUSM's ASD AA program must hold a valid Preliminary or Clear California Mild/Moderate Education Specialist, a Learning Handicapped credential, or be eligible for the preliminary credential prior for recommendation for the ASD Added Authorization. Further, per the added authorization preconditions of this authorization, the courses in this authorization may be considered part of coursework for completing a Clear Education Specialist program.