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Autism Spectrum Disorder Added Authorization (ASD AA)
The purpose of the Autism Spectrum Disorder Added Authorization (ASD AA) is to respond to the need for special educators who are not yet authorized to teach students with ASD to obtain this authorization.  Given the increasing number of students eligible for special education in the ASD disability category, the School of Education, in partnership with Extended Learning, is pleased to offer a streamlined, partially-online ASD AA of six units of study to assist special educators in the region to be fully authorized to serve their students with ASD.

Bilingual Authorization
The Bilingual Authorization equips bilingual teachers with effective, research-based bilingual - bicultural instructional strategies and is valued by employers.  The bilingual authorization can be added to any credential and provides eight units of masters level credit.

Reading and Literacy Authorization
The School of Education offers a Reading and Literacy Added Authorization Program as a focus area within the General Option in the Master’s Program. The purpose of the Reading and Literacy Added Authorization is to prepare teachers to assist other teachers and administrators in the areas of the language arts – reading, writing, listening, speaking – both in creating literacy programs and across the curriculum.