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Required courses for a Multicultural Specialist Certificate (12 units):

  • EDUC 641 Sociocultural Contexts of Language & Learning (3 units)

     Explores the theoretical, empirical, pedagogical, and sociocultural issues inherent in schooling contexts where multiple languages and cultures exist. Subjects include the examination of home, community, and school cultures; issues of bilingualism; and instructional contexts which relate to literacy and learning.
  • EDUC 643 - Critical Ethnography of Education (3 units)

    Examines the nature of ethnography as a standard tool of investigation in describing, understanding, and explaining the behavior of individuals. Uses ethnography as a tool to examine and explore public school classrooms and teaching practice from a critical pedagogy perspective.
  • EDUC 644 - Multicultural Students and Families in Public Schools (3 units)

    Examines subjects which allow students to increase their level of awareness, knowledge, and skills that will render them effective teachers with culturally diverse students and families. Students will understand how families function and interact with schools.
  • EDUC 647 - Multicultural Curriculum & Application (3 units)

    Examines issues relevant to multicultural curriculum and its application in creating equitable communities of learners in multilingual/multicultural settings. Students will review current theory as it relates to the design, implementation, and evaluation of multicultural curriculum given the sociocultural contexts which exist in classrooms, schools, and communi¬≠ties.