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Special Education Faculty

Jodi Robledo

Dr. Jodi Robledo is an Associate Professor in Special Education at California State University, San Marcos and serves as the Program Coordinator of the Education Specialist Credential Programs and Master’s Degree option. She is also the Program Director for the Applied Behavior Analysis Certificate of Advanced Study and the Autism Spectrum Disorder Added Authorization. Dr. Robledo also teaches courses in the Speech and Language Pathology Department. Prior to this appointment, she was K-12 Autism Specialist and Education Specialist in an urban multicultural school district. Dr. Robledo currently teaches courses with a focus on Autism Spectrum Disorder, supporting individuals with moderate/severe disabilities, and inclusive education. She has joint referred journal publications, several book chapters, and numerous national conference presentations. Her research interests focus on Autism Spectrum Disorder, supportive relationships, sensory and movement differences, building self-advocacy skills in youth with ASD, and inclusive education.

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Dr. Jacqueline Thousand is a professor in the special education teacher preparation and graduate program in the School of Education at Cal State University San Marcos. She is a noted inclusive education advocate who has co-authored numerous books and numerous research articles and chapters on issues related to co-teaching, inclusive schooling, organizational change strategies, differentiated instruction and universal design, cooperative learning, collaborative teaming processes, creative problem solving, student self-determination, and discipline with dignity. She is actively involved in international teacher education and inclusive education endeavors and serves on the editorial and advisory boards of several national and international journals and professional organizations.

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Rebecca Brooks

Dr. Rebecca Brooks is an Assistant Professor in the Special Education teacher preparation and graduate program in the School of Education at California State University San Marcos. She has worked with individuals with developmental disabilities in educational, recreational, vocational, and residential settings for over 25 years. Rebecca has taught in public educational settings ranging from kindergarten to high school as an inclusion support teacher. She also taught as an adjunct faculty member at Grossmont Community College and San Diego State University. Her published works have been in the areas of inclusive education and peer tutoring. She is a nationwide presenter and consultant in the areas of effective inclusive schooling and peer tutoring. Her research interests focus on access to general education curriculum, accommodations and modifications, the development and implementation of peer tutoring support systems and inclusive education best practices.

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Leslie Mauerman

Leslie Mauerman, MS.Ed, is a lecturing professor in the Special Education teacher preparation and graduate program in the School of Education at California State University San Marcos. She has served in this capacity since 1999 and is Coordinator for the Concurrent Credential Program, a unique dual credential program for new teachers. Prior career positions include serving as training consultant for the CA State Department of Education, both in the CA Migrant Education Program, as well as the Special Education Resource Network, Professional Development Unit, providing program development and training both in statewide and nationally. She has collaborated with various universities to develop programs, teach courses, and consult for program development. Previously, Leslie served as a program specialist, education specialist and trainer of trainers. Her classroom experience includes students ranging in age from Kindergarten through adulthood with mild to moderate needs. Her published work, research interest and implementation focus has been in the areas of parent training, adult learning, inclusive teacher mentoring, and program effectiveness.

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