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Please join us at either of our upcoming informational meetings this spring.  Connect with us to learn more about our program, faculty and our students. RSVP here. 

May 2nd at 5pm | CSUSM McMahan House
May 23rd at 5:30pm | UCSD, Room TBD

  • EDS 280/EDLD 705 RE-Thinking Leadership (4 quarter units)

     Catalog Description: This course will present the evolution of leadership thought and theory, with an emphasis on the distinction between, and inter-relatedness of, effective management and leadership. The ethics of leadership practice and epistemological perspectives of emerging leadership styles will be explored, and students will have opportunities to reflect on the nature of leadership as it is practiced in educational settings. Applying critical, self-reflective leadership practice through structured activities is also an element of this course.
  • EDS 281/EDLD 710 Leadership for Learning (4 quarter units)

    Catalog Description: This course will explore various models of curriculum and instruction in response to student learning needs. It also will examine models of school organization and the leader's role and responsibility in developing a school culture that promotes student achievement, using evidence-based decision making. A major emphasis will be on evaluating research upon which theories and practice are based.
  • EDS 282/EDLD 715 Leadership for a Diverse Society (4 quarter units)

    Catalog Description: This course will address theories and practices for achieving schools and classrooms that are informed by and built around the participation of diverse communities and cultures. The emphasis in this course is on how leadership intersects with socio-historical and socio-cultural theories that suggest the organization of schools and instruction is critical to student inclusion and outcomes. A basic premise of this course is that a socially just learning theory begins with using all of the resources and knowledge of families, communities, and cultures in formulating policy and practice.
  • EDS 283/EDLD 720 Leadership for Organizational Change (4 quarter units)

    Catalog Description: This course will present multiple theories of organizational change, explore group processes and identify models of decision-making, and analyze human motivation theories. Establishing and nurturing a purpose-driven organization, while dealing with competing demands, will be discussed. A major emphasis in this course is on people as agents of change and creating high quality ethical and productive workplaces where employees can achieve success and satisfaction, while advancing the mission of the educational organization.
  • EDS 284/EDLD 725 Leadership for Organizational Development (4 quarter units)

    Catalog Description: This course will investigate the skills and dispositions needed for students to lead the development of learning organizations. Faculty will teach and model concepts of working with people within educational organizations and programs. Emphasis will be placed on individual's team development and facilitation, organizational communications, adult learning, and professional development.
  • EDS 285/EDLD 730 Leadership for the Future (4 quarter units)

    Catalog Description: This course addresses interdisciplinary influences on leadership practice within learning organizations. Contributions from scholars in futures studies will be used to explore topics such as long-range planning, demographic trends, technology, and brain theory.
  • EDS 286AB/ EDLD 740 AB Advanced Topics in Leadership AB (4,4 quarter units)

    Catalog Description: This course explores topical issues in the field of leadership. It focuses on recent developments that have broad implications for research and practice in educational leadership. Course topics will vary each time the course is offered.
  • EDS 287ABC/EDLD 750 ABC Educational Research & Evaluation Design ABC (4,4,4 quarter units)

    Catalog Description: This course integrates a variety of social and behavioral science perspectives and research methodologies in examining topics of central relevance to education. Students have opportunities to design and apply to educational research questions on a variety of methodologies including: experimental and quasi-experimental survey, interview, ethnographic, case study, video data analysis, and discourse analysis methods. This is a three course sequence.
  • EDS 288 ABC/EDLD 760 ABC Advanced Research & Evaluation Methods ABC (4,4,4 quarter units)

    Catalog Description: This course addresses more advanced topics in research design and methodology. Students hone the requisite research skills to conduct dissertation research. Students gain varied hands-on experiences in collecting and analyzing data relevant to schooling, as well as learn how to develop, manage, and analyze large data files. Students create a research agenda and develop skills needed in proposal writing: development, organization and coherence, conceptualization of research design, and attention to audience and writing style. This is a three course sequence.
  • EDS 289ABCD/EDLD 796 ABCD Dissertation Writing Seminar ABCD (4,4,4,4 quarter units)

    Catalog Description: This seminar provides an opportunity for doctoral candidates to present and critique in-progress dissertation research and writing. Topics addressed also will include writing for professional publications and presenting research findings to varied audiences. This is a four course sequence.
  • EDS 290/EDLD 792 Dissertation Research (S/U grade only) (1-12)

    Catalog Description: Supervised research studies with individual topics selected according to students' special interests. Students will develop a research proposal appropriate for M.A. thesis, begin to gather and analyze data.
  • EDS 291 AB/ EDLD 770 AB Leadership Research Practicum AB (2,2 quarter units)

    Catalog Description: Students use their placements in local schools and educational settings to examine leadership research and practice topics raised in the Leadership core courses and Research and Evaluation Design Courses. (S/U grade permitted) This is a two course sequence.
  • EDS 292/ EDLD 785 Qualifying Paper Preparation (4 quarter units)

    Catalog Description: This course will provide students with time, resources, and guidance for the purpose of developing a review of literature on a student-related topic, which typically becomes the focus of the dissertation research project. Students will be expected to use a variety of research tools in order to discover and identify relevant information. (S/U grade permitted)
  • EDS 294AB/EDLD 798 AB Colloquium on Educational Leadership (2,2 quarter units)

    Catalog Description: Program faculty and visiting lecturers present leadership research in progress. The colloquium series serves as a forum to discuss current research in educational leadership. (S/U grade permitted) This is a two course sequence.
  • EDS 299/ EDLD 794 Dissertation Research (4,4,4,4,4 quarter units)

    Catalog Description: Directed research on dissertation topic for students who have been admitted to candidacy for the Ed.D. degree. (S/U grade)