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Reading and Literacy Added Authorization: 

EDUC 606: Foundations of Literacy and Literacy Instruction

EDUC 610: Creating conditions for engagement and independence

EDUC 613: Multilingual learners, literacy and language

EDUC 614a: Reading and writing assessment

EDUC 614b: Integrating curriculum through fieldwork/clinical experiences

EDUC 616: Learning through text

Reading and Literacy Leadership Specialist Credential Course List:

All the courses in the Reading and Literacy Added Authorization ust be complete and:

EDUC 618: Teaching literacy for the 21st century 

EDUC 619: Teacher inquiry to improve student learning

EDUC 627: Designing, developing and evaluating effective literacy programs

EDUC 623: Integrating curriculum through fieldwork/clinical experiences


M.A. Course List: 

Students can use the courses listed above towards their master's degree focusing on Literacy Education. In addition to courses in Literacy Education, students must complete the following core master's program courses to earn their degree:

EDUC 622

EDUC 698