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Prerequisite Course Work

Almost all of us have had teachers in our lives at one point or another, but few outside of the profession understand the full breadth of commitments and responsibilities that the occupation encompasses.  The following prerequisite courses are meant to better prepare students for both the School of Education Teacher Credential program and the field of teaching in general.  Through these courses, students will gain deeper insights into the teaching profession, as well as broaden their perspective on their own role as an educator, helping them to better determine if teaching is the right path for them.

Prerequisite Courses

EDUC 350  Foundations of Teaching as a Profession

This course serves as an orientation to careers in education.  During this course, students participate in 45 hours of supervised fieldwork assignments in public classroom settings.

EDUC 364  The Role of Cultural Diversity in Schooling

Principles of first and second language acquisition (e.g., historical and current theories, psychology, sociocultural, political, and pedagogical factors) and issues related to notions of culture, interaction, and communication in school and community contexts (e.g., the nature of culture, manifestations of cultural contact, and cultural diversity in the United States and in California) within a theoretical and applied context.

EDUC 422  Technology Tools for Teaching and Learning

Focuses on knowledge and skills necessary to apply education oriented productivity tools, graphic organizers, database and spreadsheets, presentation tools, school-appropriate multimedia tools, and communication tools.


For application, registration, and credential questions:
CEHHS, Student Services Office

In addition to being offered through the School of Education, prerequisite courses may also be available through Extended Learning.

The School of Education may also agree to waive a prerequisite course or accept an equivalent course offered through a local community college in place of the prerequisite courses offered at Cal State San Marcos. Please check the Steps To Become A California Teacher handout for more information on equivalent courses.