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Student Leaders

Tukwut Life Team


Porcha Ingram

Tukwut Life Team Advisor 

(760) 750-4962


Yessenia Rico Zamora

4th year Psychology major

“I joined TLT because getting involved is a big part of a student's college experience. Through TLT I feel like I can help students find their home at CSUSM and feel like they belong. I love the community at CSUSM. Everyone is very welcoming and there are many opportunities to engage and connect with others.”


Laura Martinez

Sociology major, Women Studies minor

“I decided to join TLT because I want to help students get engaged with one another by being able to participate in different campus events. I want to be able to facilitate meeting new people by putting on different activities on campus! I love the different opportunities CSUSM has to offer to help build community and sense of self”.


Jahlan Loche

3rd year Child and Adolescent Development 

“I was on TLT my previous year and I loved it! I took so much from it, such as acquiring new leadership skills, meeting new people, and being more involved on campus. I love that CSUSM is small, but is also growing more and more each year. By including more events and activities that appeal to the many different groups on campus, we are also becoming more diverse”.


Melissa Aparicio

5th Year Criminology and Sociology Major, Psychology minor

“I been on the Tukwut Life Team for 3 years. I decided to rejoin TLT because I have enjoyed being in it from the beginning and seeing the progress this fairly new program has done across campus. What I love most about CSUSM is that we are small and unique which gives all of our students the chance to excel in the classroom and gain many opportunities whether its academically, career-wise, and/or to build their skills as a leader”.