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A Message from the Director of Veterans Services

First and foremost, I want to congratulate all of you for being admitted to California State University San Marcos. The hard work and energy you put into your academic and technical studies will pay off in ways that are largely unseen to you right now. However, be assured the rewards will help fulfill your lives and the lives of others, some of whom you will never meet, who will hear or read about your individual story. They will be inspired by it and follow your lead.

The education you aspire to will, and should, make a more critical listener and thinker. It will contribute to making you a better part of a problem solving team. This is a time when you can expect to struggle, every so often. The Veterans Services team is here to assist you through both the good times and the times of challenge. Let no matter of ego or self-doubt prevent you from reaching out for assistance.

I see it as my personal mission to assist you reach the goal of graduation. Everyone on the staff at Veterans Services is committed to assist you toward graduation and in the successful pursuit of your career ambitions. I wish you well as you pursue your dreams.

- Anthony Jackson, Major General (Retired, USMC)


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