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Program Description

The CSUSM Noyce Teacher Scholars Program Description

The CSUSM Noyce Teacher Scholars program has four main objectives.

  1. To support a total of 38 Noyce Scholars over a 5-year period. These Scholars
    will be CSUSM Mathematics or Science majors, and single subject mathematics
    or science credential candidates.
  2. To develop and implement a STEM summer credential pathway that places
    students in paid internships during their credential year. As in the current
    credential program, this program will educate teacher candidates to use
    research-based effective practices to meet the needs of diverse learners
    and to develop deep understanding of the content.
  3. To provide early teaching experiences in Learn-by-Doing educational
    laboratories in order to attract greater interest in teaching as a viable
    and intriguing career path for undergraduate mathematics and science
    students. CSUSM Noyce Teacher Scholars will take a lead role in directing
    these activities.
  4. To retain CSUSM Noyce Teacher Scholars in underserved schools
    by providing early career teachers with support through a CSUSM Noyce
    Alumni networkand ongoing interactions with the Learn-by-Doing and CSUSM
    Learning Assistants centerpieces for this project.

More information on the Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program is availabe
at the national Robert Noyce Scholarship Program website or the National Science Foundation website.