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FAQs and Nominating Faculty



October 8 (8:00am): Deadline for nominations
October 25 (8:00am): Deadline for dossier submissions
November 14: Committee recommendations due to President Haynes
December 17: Award announcement
January 17, 2019: Faculty and Staff Award Ceremony


Where can I find information on what is required for the dossier?
Dossier requirements can be found above. Choose the award you were nominated for and scroll down to the section that explains the dossier requirements.

When are dossiers due?
All dossiers should be submitted electronically to Susan O'Connor by 8:00am, October 25.

Can I include items other than Word and PDF documents in my dossier?
Yes, but please remember that all dossiers must be delivered electronically to and that the committee has a limited time to review documents. Most of the awards have a limit of 30 pages, but please refer to the guidelines on the President’s award page because there are exceptions.

What is considered an appendix item for the dossier?
Nominees may include up to three items, but all items must be no more than thirty pages. An example of one item might be several student evaluations or a PowerPoint presentation. Items should help serve as back-up to your nomination letter and narrative essay.

Who makes the final decision for each award?
The President makes the final decision after reviewing the recommendations made by the selection committees.

When will the announcement go out as to whom has been chosen?
The awards will be announced before the December holiday break.

If you didn't find the answer you were looking for, please email Susan O'Connor at