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MASP Funding Opportunities

Once each year, the CSUSM Scholarship Office asks students to submit an application and essay to be considered for a variety of scholarship and fellowship opportunities. Typically, the deadline usually coincides with the FAFSA Application in early March.  For more information, visit the CSUSM Financial Aid website. Additionally, information on numerous scholarships that include opportunities for graduate students are posted on the 3rd Floor of Craven Hall.

Essay Writing Tip

When writing scholarship or fellowship application essays, be sure to write a compelling essay that acknowledges your educational journey, hardships, challenges, and any other aspects of your social location or family context that would give the reviewers a rich description of who you are, what you have gone through, and where you want to go.

Additional information about funding opportunities may be found at these links:

Graduate Student Fellowships, Grants, and Funds

Additionally, funds may be available for conference travel, and travel to support graduate research. For more information contact the office of Graduate Studies and Research.

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