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MASP Students

Photo of Lexus Criswell

Lexus Criswell 

Area of Interest:

Medical Sociology, White Collar Crime, and Juvenile Delinquency. 

Photo of Kayli Evans

Kayli Evans 

Area of Interest:

My interests include: feminist theory, intersectionality, multiracial identity negotiation, and higher education navigation. 

Photo of James Garcia

James Garcia 

Area of Interest:

Sex and sexuality, gender, LGBTQA+ studies, masculinity, Latinx experience, police culture, social justice. 

Photo of Maricruz Gomez

Maricruz Gomez 

Area of Interest:

My interests are youth, gangs, incarceration and re- entry.



Tony Hidalgo 

Area of Interest:

My research interests are crime and gangs, law and inequality, and medical sociology. 

Photo of Marilyn Huerta

Marilyn Huerta 

Area of Interest:

I am a Communication Specialist here at CSUSM in the College of Education, Health & Human Services but I'm also an artist and leads others in using art as a tool to help them connect, communicate and cope with life struggles. I conduct campus and community art projects with various populations and for various purposes, but the research I am specifically interested in for this program is working with the Veteran population since my family is strongly connected with the military. I volunteer for Interfaith Community Services working with homeless individuals and Veterans and I teach online healing art courses through the CSU Institute for Palliative Care.

Photo of Jamie Jackson

Jamie Jackson

Area of Interest:

Social issues that impact indigenous communities, stereotypes, colonialism, capitalism, domestic violence and missing/murdered indigenous women. 


Maria Jimenez 

Area of Interest:

My research interests are social factors that affect Latino males, school to prison pipeline, youth gangs, civil-gang injunctions, colonialism, etc

Colonial ideology and the incorporation of civil gang injunctions in Latino communities has marginalized Latino males and pushed them down the school to prison pipeline. 

Vanessa Martinez

Area of Interest:

Issues affecting Chicanx and Mexican Indigenous communities, the cultural appropriation and commodification of Día de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead), colonialism, capitalism, race and ethnic relations, and Chicana feminism. 

Shawntae Mitchum 

Area of Interest:

Mass incarceration, school-to-prison pipeline, education reform, critical race theory, and issues affecting the Black community. 

Christina Monroy 

Area of Interest:

I wanted to analyze the probation departments progress with their newly implemented programs to see if they are decreasing recidivism rates for youth. 

Photo of Ana Ochoa

Ana Ochoa

Area of Interest:

Juvenile Delinquency, School to Prison Pipeline, and Third World Country Gangs 

Photo of Kelsey Smith

Kelsey Sportsman

Area of Interest:

Domestic Violence, Racial Profiling, and Gun Control. 

Photo of Damon Stevens

Damon M. Stevens 

Area of Interest:

My areas of interest are in higher education. Specifically, I will research institutional inequality that leads to failures in preparation and graduation of African American black males at predominantly white colleges.