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Gift Cards

Gift Card Procedure

Please review our GIFT CARD PURCHASING PROCEDURE for complete information on the gift card purchasing process and reimbursement. 

The use of gift cards must comply with the mission of CSUSM Corporation and CSUSM and adhere to all CSUSM Corporation policies and procedures. Gift cards purchased with Sponsored Project funds must also follow state and federal regulations as applicable.

Use of gift cards should be infrequent and cannot be used to compensate employees, independent contractors, volunteers, or other individuals for services/work performed. Only one gift card can be awarded to a recipient per event/activity and any individual card $50 and over, or total request of $300 or more must be approved by the CSUSM Corporation Executive Director.

Departments should make an attempt to purchase gift cards from CSUSM Corporation partners (ex. Follett and Sodexo). Visit Commercial Services for a complete list of partners.

Gift Card Request Form

CSUSM Corporation approval is required prior to purchasing any gift cards. To request approval, please complete the Gift Card Request Form. Once you have completed your request, you will receive approval or denial.

Gift Card Request Form

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